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Startup Consulting

At Veloz, as a consultant we provide expert advice for Product Development, Management, Marketing and Technology. These are our forte and we have a rich combined experience of 35+ years.

As consultants we provide Service as an External Consultant with a fixed Fee or as an Internal Consultant wherein we take Equity and come on your board as an Advisor. Either way we give in our best and try to ensure your Product is niche and has capability to slurp the Market. An Idea alone does not ensure a Good Product, but if the Idea is groomed in the right direction it can give better results.

By hiring us as a, External Consultant, you get access to deeper levels of expertise at much lower financially expenditure as having a Consultant in-house is quite expensive and many times challenging due to low requirement. Also you can control the expenditure on consulting services by only purchasing as much services as desired.

As a Consultant our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Understanding your Business.
  2. Understanding the various Processes including but not limited to Technology Change, Risk Management, Business Processing, Marketing and Brand Promotion.
  3. Realigning the Processes and where necessary upgrading or implementing new Processes.
  4. Studying the Business and Market response to changes.

We plan Weekly or Fortnightly or Monthly meetings to discuss the progress and give our deliberate views, thus taking small steps and at times larger leaps.

Our Expertise includes :

  1. Business transformation- We help in assisting business stakeholders to align the strategy and objectives for the business operations. We focus on identification of business change opportunities and capability gap within the organization, define solutions to enable better business capability by changes to Technology, Organisational Structure or changing Processes.
  2. Technology Consultation- We specialize in business use of Technology and help your organization be up-to-date with new technology capabilities. The Technology keeps upgrading with new features and capabilities, it is necessary to stay updated, so that the new capabilities are used optimally to enhance your offering and product.
  3. Process Consultation- We help you in designing New Processes or in improving your running operational processes. These are specific to Industry, thus we can identify in first consulting session as to how we can help you.
  4. Marketing Consultations- We can help you in areas of Product Development, Feature Enhancement and Marketing strategy. Marketing makes a difference as it gives you wings to go on larger audience like Pan-India or Global platforms. The right buzz gives you the big leap.

Other than above there are certain areas where we can help you by taking consultations from our partners, who are experts in the respective fields.

  1. Human-resources (HR) consultants who can provide their expertise around employment practice and people management skills.
  2. Information-technology (IT) consultants who can help you in your need for Computer hardware, Software engineering and Networking needs.
  3. Public-relations (PR) consultants who specifically deal with Public relation matters. These are important if you are looking at a larger share of the market especially Retail consumption of your product or services.
  4. Performance consultants who will focus on the execution of an initiative or overall performance of their client. Performance Consultants are recommended for large established companies who wat to take their Senior Management to higher levels.
  5. Strategy consultants who can work on the overall development and improvement to the organizational strategy alongside senior management. These service also recommended for large established companies who wat to take their Senior Management to higher levels.

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