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Startup Mentoring


In Mentoring Services we help and guide a StartUp or an Established Organization or an Individual in the fields and area, we have expertise in. In Mentoring Services it is a learning and development partnership where a Mentee [the person in receipt of mentoring, can also be referred as a protégé (male), a protégée (female) or an apprentice] gets a learning curve that lets them set new standards to Business Operations and Processes. Mentoring also gives you a new vision towards your goals and improve your ROI.


Mentoring involves communication and is a relationship-based interaction where the Mentor and the Mentee need to interact regularly and frequently. Mentoring requires informal transmission of Knowledge and Support that is relevant to the Work, Project, or Professional development over a sustained period of time. We provide Mentoring Services either Face-to-face or using digital medium like Skype Calls with Email follow-ups. So even if you are unable to visit us or are located remotely, we can continue our Mentoring. Though we request atleast a few face-to-face meetings during the mentoring period as it gives direct insight into your requirements, either you can visit us or you can host us at your location.


Mentoring has a great influence on the Mentee, though enough credibility has not been given and many times a second thought is also not given to the service and its usefulness. There is a perception about the effectiveness of the service. But if you see the history of a successful StartUp- you will find that at some or the other time they have either been incubated, where Mentoring is part of the Program or have Mentors and Advisors on their board. It becomes the Mentors responsibility to guide you. Every person though the founder is not well versed with all solutions of various problems faced during operations, and here steps in a Mentor who has expertise as well as life experience of running a Business Operation, Setting up of new processes, ensuring there is no chaos as Growth time, giving insights on Business Operations, Technology Solutions, Financial Planning, Recruitment process etc. As a mentor we can help you in umpteen ways with our experience in varied fields.


Mostly when Entrepreneurs start out with an Idea, they feel they have the complete know-how to manage their affairs, which is usually not the case. In USA Mentoring has been described as “an innovation in American management” (citation from Every individual has knowledge and confidence when starting out but as they grow and face real world, problems start arising. The problems could be what type of organization to have, how to manage equity, how to harness technology to the best optimal use etc. This is where their vision gets limited or they even don’t have any idea of the pitfalls. A Mentor is the one who is experienced and thus has seen the path you are about to take, this experience comes handy when you are starting out as well as when you are stuck in the rut and not able to find a way forward.


Under our Mentoring Service, we provide following services, where we have an expertise:

  1. Product planning
  2. Project guidance
  3. Project Management
  4. Business Management
  5. Process Set Up
  6. HR & Recruitment Solutions
  7. Branding Strategy
  8. Marketing Startegy & Planning
  9. Business Growth Plan
  10. Information Technology Adaption
  11. Technology Solutions
  12. Financial Planning
  13. Equity Dilution
  14. Investor Management

The relationship can be for an unspecified or for a limited time depending on the needs and specifics of the Project.

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